The LuaTeX project is focussed on the engine and not on its application. This means that support by the team is limited to the core functionality. We publish on a regular basis in the journals of local user groups and attend user group conferences where we present progress. So, it makes sense to join a (local) user group!

Specific support is provided via mailing lists. There are two lists that relate directly to LuaTeX:

Portions of the right to left typesetting originate in Omega and its relative Aleph. Both these projects are no longer active.

The developers list deals with generic features of LuaTeX, bugs, compilation on specific platforms and integration in distributions. The user list is more focused on generic applications and usage. For support related to macro packages there are other platforms.

There is a LuaTeX Wiki for general issues. The wiki is not maintained by the team.

If you are a ConTeXt user, you can best use one of the following lists:

ConTeXt users can also find information about using Lua inside ConTeXt on the ConTeXt garden.

If you are a LaTeX user you can consult lists of your local user group (or the pdfTeX user list which is rather focused on LaTeX.)

ConTeXt comes in two flavours:

Although the LuaTeX project is closely related to ConTeXt, we don't put specific functionality in there. LuaTeX is a generic engine with no hard coded solutions. If you have problems with MkIV, please report them to the ConTeXt mailing lists and not to the LuaTeX mailing list.